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                             On Fire
this is what i think is how you play this song, if there is something wrong please tell me.
this song is moderetley fast strums, many times fore each note.
 Cmaj7 G(add2)    Am7 F

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     They tell you when you need to go,
G(add2)                      Am7
  they tell you when you need to leave,
F          Cmaj7
               they tell you who you need to know,
          they tell you who you need to be,
F               Cmaj7
               but every thing inside you knows there's
G(add2)                                       Am7
more than what you've heard; there's so much more than empty conversations 
F                                        Cmaj7
filled with empty words.  And you're on fire when he's near
G(add2)             Am7              F
   you, you're on fire when he speaks. you're on fire 
Cmaj7                 G(add2)             C2
             burning at these mysteries.
                    Give me one more time around;
G(add2)                   Am7
     give me one more chance to see.
F                     Cmaj7
                         Give me every thing you 
G(add2)                    Am7
are; give me one more chance to be near you, and
F                   Cmaj7
               when every thing inside me looks like
G(add2)                          Am7
every thing I hate, you are the hope i have for change; you are the on-
F                                Cmaj7
ly chance I'll take when I'm on fire when he's neer 
G(add2)         Am7
    me, I'm on fire when you speak.
F            Cmaj7       G(add2)(only 1 strum) C2(only 1 strum)
    I'm on fire, burning at these mysteries,