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Incomplete Chords

Song: Incomplete
Artist: Switchfoot
Album: New Way to Be Human
For the intro, verses and interludes, it's best to play the riff, but if you just want 
to play
chords (or are using this for a backing instrument like a synth) then you can use the
chords shown below.

Intro: E5 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] (x4)

Verse 1:
     E5          [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]    C5      [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
He's washing his face to start his day
      E5      [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] E5      [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
He's lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
E5             [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]     E5          [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]   
E5 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] E5 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
Nothing in the mirror ever shows him what's within

Verse 2:
           E5               [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]      E5             [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
Now's he's checking out the faces on the back of the milk
      E5   [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] E5          [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
He's sour under   all this pressure
   E5                 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]         E5     [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] 
  E5 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] E5 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
He thinks the missing person looks an awful lot like him
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/switchfoot/incomplete_crd.html ]
E5  F#5 G5         C5     (no chord)
And he  starts his engine
E5  F#5 G5              C5        B5
But he  knows that he's missing gears

       Asus2 E (E7)
               F#7        Asus2
Where will you find yourself?
       C#m [ch]Ab/C[/ch]
               Asus2      B
Where will you find yourself?
                  E              Am
'Cause you're the missing person now
C#m               Ab
Step outside your doubt
    Asus2           B
And let yourself be found!

Interlude1 : E7 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]

Verse 3:
     E7          [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]   E7        [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
He's sick of the race to just save face
      E7        [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]    E7       [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
He's tied and tried, he's sick and tired
      E7          [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]        E7          [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] 
E7 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] E7 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
He's tired of the holes that are keeping him incomplete

Verse 4:
               E7           [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]        E7     [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
He'll push the pedal to the floor like the day before
       E7    [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] E7     [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
He's trying to be    always trying
E7             [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] E7   [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]  
E7[ch]Asus2/B[/ch] E7 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch]
Try to find an end to justify his means


Interlude 2: E7 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] (x8)

Chorus+ (Change the lyrics for the second time of "find yourself" to "lose yourself", 
and repeat the last line twice)

Outro: E7 [ch]Asus2/B[/ch] (x8) and fade out