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Awakening Chords

E            A          (E  F#m  B

E                                B                  C#m
   Facedown with the LA curbside ending    with the ones and zeros
E                            B                       C#m
   Downtown was a perfect place to hide
E                        B
   First star that I saw last night was the headlight of a manmade sky    But
E                            B
   Man made never made our dreams collide       collide

E                        E/D#                                   A
Here we are now with the fallen sky and the rain          Were awakening
E                        E/D#                                    A
Here we are now with the desperate youth and pain          Were awakening
E                   B                    C#m
Maybe it's called ambition   You've been talking in your sleep about a dream
We're awakening
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E                  B               C#m              A
   last week spent living it up in dealines and the dead beats now but
E                    B               C#m               A
   this town doesn't look the same tonight
E                     B                 C#m          A
   these dreams start sing to me out of no where and all my live I
E                       B             C#m             A
   don't know that I've ever felt so alive           alive

             B            D           A
We're awakening

C#m                  B
     I wanna wake up kicking and screaming
     I wanna wake up kicking and screaming
C#m                       B
     I wanna heart that I know is beating,
     is beating, i'm bleading

C#m                  B
     I wanna wake up kicking and screaming
     I wanna live like I know what I'm leaving
C#m                       B
     I wanna heart that I know is beating
     It's beating,   It's beating,    It's beating     I'm bleeding


      B(silent}   C#                A
We're Awakening a Dream      We're Awakening

Jon, they guy who wrote the song, plays it on an acoustic and drops D. during the chorus
the song he plays an Esus [?79900] E/D# [X69900] A [7X9900]. During the verse he either
all the strings and lets the rest of the band play the melody cause he stays in the Esus 
Could possibly be playing [XX9900] and just lets the Tim (bass player) play
bass notes. But I play the chords without a bass player; I won't tell if you don't.

The intro/riff at the top has a chord progression in parentheses. Drew Shirley, the Lead
plays these as octaves E [x7x9xx] F#[x9x'11'xx] and so up the neck.

I chorded the song off of a cell phone recording so the lyrics are only as good as the
When the cd comes out with the lyrics actually audible don't hold it against me.

Also, I'm a music major who plays guitar and bass, so the root chord structure is right.
you don't know music yet learn your major and minor scales; they help a ton.