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Ol Man Mose Chords

Am Bm Cm Bm Am 3x
Am Bm Cm Bm Am 3x

Once there lived an old man
And he had a very funny nose
He lived in a little log hut
           E       Am
Called him ol' man Mose
Well I went down to his cabin
And I look down through the door
Well there I saw a little ol' man
      E      Am
Lying on the floor
Well wether if was dead or not
I really don't know
But one thing that I'm certain of
            E        Am
Ain't gonna do it no more
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Am                   E 
Because I found out ol' man
Am         E
All about ol' man
     Am              E
You know I found out ol' man
E                    Am
That ol' man Mose is dead

We believe Mose kicked the bucket
We believe oh Mose kicked the bucket
We believe yeah Mose kicked the bucket
    E             Am
And we believe is dead

Repeat above 3 times then:

    E             Am
And we believe is dead

Written by Louis Armstrong.
This version by The Swinging Blue Jeans.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ3n1lKdhtM

Patricia Norman's version where the first time ever the word "fuck" is being used on a recording.
At least that's what it sounds like since the recording.
Listen at 1:08