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Sharada Chords

Skye Sweetnam
Noise from the Basement
2004 Capitol Records
submitted by canuck_inbred@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used

C-   x32010
G-   320003
Am-  x02210
D9-  xx0230
F-   133211
F9-  xx3213
Dm-  xx0231

Intro: C (x2)


Verse 1:
C       G                Am    D9
  Once upon a time there was a girl
C              G               Am  D9
  You wouldn't really call her typical
C             G          Am D9
  Had her own definition of cool
      F       G       F9
  She live in her own world
C                 G         Am  D9
  She had her own style her own rules
C                G                 Am D9
  She had played along like it was usual
C        G           Am       D9
  Nobody really even know her name
     F            G        F9
  To her life was just big game

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              Dm             Am
She's got her head up in the clouds
   Dm       F
Sharada, Sharada
              Dm          Am
Don't know if she'll come down
   Dm       F
Sharada, Sharada
          Dm     Am
She can't get to bed
   Dm       F
Sharada, Sharada
                    G            F9
She's got that song stuck in her head

Verse 2:
C          G              Am      D9
  Dreaming all day that's all she did
C      G               Am     D9
  Ever since she was a little kid
C         G                     Am        D9
  All the teachers thought that she was a slow
F              G              F9  
  She was just dreaming about her show
C               G                Am  D9
  And when they hold her she's delirious
C            G                 Am  D9
  She didn't care she's just oblivious
C               G             Am  D9
  She's like to make everyone curious
F               G           F9
  One day she's going to be famous

(Repeat Chorus )

Interlude: C-G-Am (x6)

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

(Repeat Intro:)