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Never Said Goodbye Chords

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Chords by:  Mike Pumphrey (MIPUMPHREY@vassar.edu)

(Tuned down a half a step)

A7(sus4) G/B A7(sus4) G/B
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/sweet_matthew/never_said_goodbye_crd.html ]
D                              Em7
Time will always find a way to win
You'll find yourself giving in
Everybody feels it

But you never said goodbye
Em7       D    G
You never said goodbye
A7(sus4)                  G/B
And I thought you owed me something
A7(sus4)                  G/B
But you know I just beginning to understand

Verse 2 (same as 1)
That there is not a place to go
Better than the one you know
And I think you knew it


Solo (Equal to instrumental Verse and Chorus)

Verse 3 (Same as Verse 1)
Everybody has to pay
For everything he pushes away
There's nowhere to put it


add this at the end:

A7(sus4)              G/B          D
And you know I'm just beginning to understand

Ends on a D chord.