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I Almost Forgot Chords

This song appears on the page, however, I think this version is a little closer to the original.  I figured it out by ear off of a CD, and I'm pretty confident in it
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G                D    G
You would never turn around
            Em                Am          D  Dsus4
Laughin' at everything that's bringing me down
Em  Am          D     G      Em
Did you say you loved me?
Em        Am       D           G
I almost forgot, I almost forgot...

You knew me 
Am         D
Changed my name
if love leaves us for a moment
is it gone forever?
make up your mind


I switch around the Am to an Am7 sometimes... also, I don't know if the D sus fourth is the correct name... it's played as
a D with the pinky on the third fret on the highest string -- just a little flourish.