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Love Is Like Oxygen Chords

Intro:  F  Dm  Esus4  --->  twice
        A5  G#5  G5  G#5  --->  4 times

Chorus (play this twice):
Am             G
  Love is like oxygen
Am            G                Dm7
  You get too much you get too high
     Em7                     F
Not enough and you're gonna die
Gsus4         E7
Love gets you high

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Am      G
Time on my side
F          D
  I got it all
Am              G
I've heard that pride
       F       D
Always comes before a fall
          Dm           C
There's a rumour goin' round the town
F   Am               C
      That you don't want me around
Dm                  C
  I can't shake off my city blues
F       Am           A#maj7    Esus4
  Every way I turn I lo. . . . .ose

Repeate Chorus

Am         G
Time is no healer
F               D
  If you're not there
Am     G
Lonely fever
F                  D
  Sad words in the air
Dm                       C
  Some things are better left unsaid
F     Am             C
  I'm gonna spend my days in bed
Dm               C
  I'll walk the streets at night
F       Am            A#maj7
  To be hidden by the city lights
City lights

Instr:  F   Dm   Esus4  ---> twice
        A5  G#5  G5  G#5  ---> twice

Repeate Chorus