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Marbles Chords

Swear and Shake- Marbles


We were on the up and up
Bm             A
The front door painted red
D                          Bm           A
We collected marbles in a jar under the bed
G                   D
We played our forty-fives
G                    D
My mom warmed up to you
Bm                  Em       A
We were young and shooting marbles

D                                      Bm                   A
Well, soon enough the times go tough, and we weren't making sand
D                                Bm            A
Each and every shiny pearl kept rolling out of hand
G                         D          G                 D
So the times were getting tough, but we were getting tougher
Bm                  Em             A
And if I have you, then who needs marbles?

G           D   Bm A
You move me
Oh, you move me

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D                                      Bm         A
I swear I'll bring home thirty more and be your better man
D                                     Bm            A
I'll clean up good and sell the show and hold onto my band
G                       D               G                D
Well, I bought you the new suit, and I figured wool would last
Bm                     Em       A
You dirtied it while shooting marbles
D                          Bm                   A
I bought us a piano so our kids would grow up smart
D                         Bm                           A
And dig up all the songs we wrote back when we had the heart
G                  D
Oh, the ivory will chip
G                       D
The strings will surely rust
Bm                                    Em                   A
Your kids will know the difference from the lyrics in the dust

G                D         Bm        A
You'll love me in ways nothing else can
You'll love me

E     A

D                           [ch]Gdim7[/ch]
Stay even when the last one goes
Bm             A                          E7
Will you stay around for when the marbles roll? 
Bm           E
Stay, stay, stay, 
D                                    [ch]Gdim7[/ch]
Will you stay even when the last one goes?
Bm                 A                        E7
Cause that's real love, picking up your marbles rolled
Bm                  A
I will stay, stay, stay
D                                           [ch]Gdim7[/ch]
Lover I believe you, but you've got the upper hand
Bm                    A                              E7
You push and pull and break my heart just because you can
Bm                 A             E7
Real love, even when the marbles roll

Flute solo
D Bm A
D Bm A
D Em A

G           D
You'll love me