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Never Cared Chords


C         Am              F          G
You never cared about the way things were
C         Am                   F       G
You never cared enough when it came to her    

Verse 1
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C         Am            F          G
Roll on resilience and pave your way
C              Am              F         G
Her chariot awaits here for a strung out stay
C                  Am               F         G
She's pardoned and passed down to a suicide defeat
C                   Am          F        G
She's praying to a lampost at a dead end street

C          Am           F           G
Seduced by chaos and a need to hold back
C          Am                    F       G
Lost in a careless head with no time to react
C        Am                 F         G
Fleeting cares adrift on a motionless ride
C                    Am               F        G
And you never really cared enough and then she cried