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Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 22:08:48 -0800 (PST)
From: Cavannas 
Subject: CRD: ultimate_test by SurG

Song Name:Ultimate Test
Band name:SurG
Album:Stump Speaking
Written by:Almighty Eric
Submitted and Transcribed by:Tom Smith

>From the Live concert at Saint Joseph's.
We've tried and tried to figure this one out.
It is as close as we've gotten, but we can't find a copy of this song
anywhere.  Directly from the best show I've seen in months...

Patrick played throughout with his Slammer Hamer with echo effects.
Until the end, Eric played this with his Kramer guitar with the acoustic FX.
I wouldn't try it with distortion because it is a mellow version.
Verse 1:
        G       D      Em       G                          D
       never found it here    that's because you haven't looked 

       hard enough
[ Tab from: ]
        G       D       Em      G                          D
       never    had a   doubt  that's because you haven't heard 

        A            Em
        the latest news

        --Guitar Riff-- (might be referred to as guitar solo? I think not)
        while Eric solos, patrick plays these chords
        Em      Em      A       A7      A       G        

Verse 2: same chords as 1

        you can't keep running away from home
        what you see is just a clone
        until i come and rescue you 
        there's no doubt you'll the given the test of doom

        G       D       E       A       B7
        and     I'll    be      there   too

        G       D       E       A       B7
        watch-  ing     o-      ver     you

Verse 3: (drums in background)
        what you see is what you get
        sick and tired might i forget
        that you can't see me I'm in debt
        I'm calling, cant you answer yet?

   Out tro:     (echo with guitar only)
        G       D       Em      D       G

For anyone who was there in person, it is the experience of a lifetime.
I loved the part where Eric's strap came off the guitar and he ended up
holding the body with his right hand and playing the entire solo with his
left.  Awesome, huh?