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Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 16:35:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Cavannas 
Subject: CRD: tacky by SurG

Song Name:Tacky
Band name:SurG
Album:Stump Speaking
Written by:Almighty Eric
Submitted and Transcribed by:Tom Smith

This song was dedicated to Eric's dog, Norman, who never came home.
This was the perfect song to close his presentation at St. Joseph's concert.
Best show I've seen in months.
This song is played with WAH acoustic throughout. WaH wAh.
For all you fans of Eric, I kid you not...this guy is the greatest.

        Em      Em      Em      D
        Well I lost my dog in California

Verse 1:
              G                C
     I  Came home one day to find out that

           G                   C
        I had misplaced that giant rat

           G             C       
        I didn't want to be too crude

           D                          D C           
        So I just yelled Hey Norman FOOD

           G             C 
        I waited for my dog to come
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           G                  C
        I don't know how I'd been so dumb

            G                C
        To leave a dog like him alone

          G          C     D
        While I had been away from home

          G                   D
          OH where can Norman be
                   C         D           
          Did he climb up a tree
          G                   D      C     D       
   and    Fall down and get carried away
                  G             D
   or     Did he run into the street
                      C             D            
   and    Lose the traction on his feet
          G                   C           G  C G D
or maybe  He just felt like leaving me today

        (Guitar solo)

Verse 2:
        Oh why did Norman leave me
        And go off to live his life
                G                                 D
        In a cold dark hole with no one there to care
        And never plan on coming back 
        to live in his old backyard shack
             G                D                G
        And let me run my fingers through his hair

        -2sec- G- D- E- G- 
        OOOOOOOoooooooooooh !

Another masterpiece by Eric!Keep 'em comin'