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Baby Love Chords

Baby Love:The Supremes.
#1 in USA and #3 in UK in 1964.

#1. (Capo 5th fret for original.)
G                   G7           Em
Oooo, baby Love, my baby love, I need you
    G7    Am
oh, how I need you.
But all you do is treat me bad.
C                  G
Break my heart and leave me sad.
C                G
Tell me what did I do wrong,
   C        Em    Am     D
to make you stay away so long?
      G             G7              Em
Cause baby love, my baby love, been missing you,
G7        Am
ooo, miss kissing you.
           G            C
Instead of breaking up, let's have some kissin' 
and makin' up.
C               G          C     Em       Am        D
Don't throw our love away, in my arms why don't you stay?
G         G7        Em         G7    Am
Need you, need you, baby love, oooo, baby love.
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G             G7             Em      G7     Am
Baby love, my baby love, why must we separ..ate, my love?
All of my whole life through,
C                G
I never loved no one but you.
C               G              C        Em   Am D
Why d'you do me like you do? I get this need..

                    G               G7
Oooo, oooh, need to hold you, once again, my love,
          Em   G7  Am
feel your warm em..brace, my love.
Don't throw our love away.
C            G
Please don't do me this way...
C                G
Not happy like I used to be.
C       Em       Am      D       G               G7
Loneli..ness has got the best of love, my baby love,
  Em            G7    Am
I need you, oh, how I need you.
Why d'you do me like you do.
C            G            C          G
After I been true to deep in love with you,
C     Em    Am     D
baby, baby, baby...oooo..
         G                    G7
til it's hurtin' me, til it's hurtin' me..
Em    G7   Am                           G
Oooo, ooo, baby love... don't throw our love away,
C               G         C G
don't throw our love away...fade.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.