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Hungover Together Chords

Great song...I wasn't able to find the tabs online, so came up with this...enjoy!  -Clay

Hungover, together by the Supersuckers

                A             D               A                    D
You're a fine desert flower, to these bloodshot eyes
             A                 D           E
The sunset's got nothing on you.
A                           D                    A              D
Each night finds me here, with a 12-pack of beer
A                 D           E
It's good, to wake-up near you
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 A             D               A                   D
My head is pounding, and I need a smoke
                   A                 D           E
But not as much as the touch of your skin

A             D               A                   D
And I must admit, that I feel like shit
A                 D           E
And I'm late for work once again.

                   A                    D              A
And it's always good to see you my friend
                   A                  D       E        A
And to wake up hungover, together again

I'll just lie here and watch you get dressed
As I block the sun from my face
Working ain't fair, so I'll drive you there
Cuz I ain't going no place

I can't find my shoes, and I can't find dress
This is no way to start out the day
Where the hell are my keys 
What's this bruise on my knee?
What the hell did we do anyway last night.