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Good Livin Chords

Good Livin'
By Junkyard Dogs/Eddie Spaghetti/Supersuckers

Intro: c, F, G, c,  G, c, F F F F F F F 

G                    F
Chicken fried steak, Country gravy and bourbon straight
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G                           c    G   c         F F F F F F F
Ain't it great, it's good livin,   good livin'

Drink all night, go to the naked party after the fistfight
It's alright, it's good livin, good livin'
Act like a fool, I need a shower so I jump in the pool
Nice and cool, it's good livin', good livin'

(Solo part, same progression)

After the show, we'll be real tired to the hotel we will go
Pack up our shit cuz it's time to go good livin

Good livin'