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Bother Tab

Artist: Superstar Depression
Song:   Bother
Composed by: Martin Eggleston, Adam Noble


Em                D         C
WHy do i bother , Answer me this
Em               D                 C
Life is a waste, When treated like this
Em                   D                C
Im sick of the shit, that gets put my way
Em                    D         C
Ill just kill my self another day.

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Em                D             C
Do what you want, say what you say
Em                 D                 C
It doesn't matter, we all end up the same
Em                     D                C
Worthless dead corpse, that no one will see
Em                       D              C
so who care what happens from point A to B

I will post the rest at a latter date such as 
solos, leads and so on. this work is copywritten
so dispurse at own risk.