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Its All Love Chords

ok this is the basic jist of the verse and chorus for It's All Love by Rock Star Supernova
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Em                   C             
everybody likes the easy way out. 
Am                      C
nobody tells it like it is no more
Em                  C                
you took a hit and blew it out.
Am                       C
the light inside never shined before.
Em                     C              
never had a heart to love this much
Am                    C               
never felt enough to call it hate
Em                         C            
if you could let a thing screw you up 
its not to late

C              G
It's always so close 
Then you pull it away
Anything Goes
And it goes astray
What are you left with
       F          C  F
at the end of the day
         G              F              C (let ring) 
It's all love, it's all love, it's all love

and thats the same through all the verses only thing missing is the bridge