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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 21:23:03 +1000
From: (Daniel Meijer)
Subject: (fwd) TAB: Superjesus "Shut My Eyes"

Now that Superjesus won a few ARIA awards and showed the teenyboppers what
GREAT music can come out of Australia, I'm celebrating by reposting my
transcription of "Shut My Eyes." Enjoy!!!

"Shut My Eyes" by the SuperJesus

Transcribed by Daniel Meijer 

NB this is the Dodgy Lyric Mix ;-)


   B  D   Dsus2


B   D Dsus2

Verse 1:
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B          D   Dsus2    B           D     Dsus2
Hey look around, you can tell, you'll never see me
B          D   Dsus2       B           D     Dsus2
I'm standing right by your side, you'll never hear me
B          G   A       B         G     A          
Why do you say did you mean that I was dying
B       G   A              B     G   A 
I can't explain where I've been
I'm shaking

B          D   Dsus2     B           D     Dsus2
I'm looking out, looking in, you'll never see me
B        D   Dsus2    B           D     Dsus2
I dont know why do I try to make believe in
B        G    A       B           G        A
I take a rest, take a breath, and take whats mine yeah
B             G    A         B        G    A
I dont know why, I dont know why....

Bridge: (fret 1st string 3rd fret (G) on all chords)

Em                        G
After all there's nothing left to say
D          C      Am
No time to set it free
C                        D
sleep with me as part of yesterday
*** Distortion kicks in. Stomp on footswitch, jump around, windmill
picking arm, mosh, go off, etc ***


B               A      D 
Lay in dust around me, shut the eyes that're never friendly
C                                  G         A
loneliness won't hit you when you go
B               A       D
Took my time to see it, hide my face but don't believe it
C                           G        A
could I be the only one to know?

Bridge 2 (clean tone):

C#m   E   A