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Karate Man Chords

Karate Man -The Superfriendz

interpreted by Sir Seth Sazant


Interlude over "ohhh's": 

E -7-------7---------7-------7-----------------------------------------
A ---9---9-----9-------9---9-----9-------7-------7-------7-------7-----
D -----9-----8-----------9-----8-----------9---9-----9-----9---9-----9-
G -------------------------------------------9-----8---------9-----8---
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B      D#m  Emaj7  E
Karate man, karate man
B                           A                         G#5 F#5 G#5 F#5 G#5
dressed in plain clothes so no one knows who you are
Karate man, step into the bar
looking for the skin head boys that pushed your brother too far

woaah ohohohh

karate man, karate man
never threw a punch your knowledge and confidence and power is more than enough
karate man, you brother feels ashamed
but you brought honour and stuck it to your family name

After 2, move everything that follows up 1 fret

Verse up 1 fret 
karate man, karate man
step into a dark dark bar where no one even knows who you are
karate man, you never threw a punch
your knowledge and confidence, is more than enough


D -10-------10-----10---------10-------10------10--
G ----9---9----10-----10---10--------9-------9-----
B ------8----------------8-------10--------8-------