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Author/Artist: Superdrag
Title: Wrong vs. Right Doesn't Matter
Album: Head Trip In Every Key
Transcribed by: Alan Hromas

	E	   F#            B
	You cut my gentle flower down

		    E           F#           B
	Pierced her side with a pin for your lapel 
	E               F#            B
	You plucked the ruby from her crown 

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	         D5 Eb5     D5  Eb5       *E5
	Now your karma's coming down (x4)

chorus: G#m                               B
	I've got a right to reclaim that  / /

	E                      C#m 
	You're much too dim to explain that   / / /

	G#m                                B                         
	Wrong versus right doesn't matter  / /

	E                         C#m
	Your simple skull's gonna shatter 

		   E                   C#m
	You're the bastard embalmed in disaster

        / / / / / / / /

	the * by the E5 is a lead fill: