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Author/Artist: Superdrag
Title: Some Kinda Tragedy
Album: In the Valley of Dying Stars
Transcribed by: Alan Hromas

Here are the chord structures...

Solo's missing, it's the melody if you wanna pick it out.
If you desperately need it, you can bug me i suppose.

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C5        E5      F5       G5
this inconsolable world of suffering

Ab5            C5
won't turn a   round,
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       Ab5         Eb5            Bb5
having been in the ground with my reason.

these uncontrollable circumstances
won't make a sound,
having suddenly found you in season.


Ab5     Bb5            Eb5         Bb5
i can't concentrate on melody.

Ab5     Bb5            Eb5        Bb5
waiting for some kinda tragedy.

Ab5     Bb5
i can't keep things straight,

  Eb5       Eb5/D     Ab5
i imagine myself with you.

                F5           G5  Ab5
there's nothing anybody else can do.

                F5           G5  Ab5
there's nothing anybody else can do.