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Author/Artist: Superdrag
Title: Shuck and Jive
Album: Head Trip In Every Key
Transcribed by: Alan Hromas

Intro: (listen to cd for rythym)

	|E5  F#5    E5|
	|/ / /  / / / |
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Verse:  (E5 and F#5)
	The fascination disconnection 
	Far-out disengage 
	Everything is meaningless 
	Let's atom-bomb the stage
	(F#5 and G#5)
	Destination violation 
	Far-out disrespect
	Liberation transformation
	What did you expect 

	(G#) What did you expect 
	(F#) Mr Candidate-Elect 
	(E)  Was it everything you planned 
	(Eb) By a palm tree in the sand 

Bridge: G#               Cm   Fm
	Coming down in recovery 
           C#      Eb   Cm    Fm
	We fail to understand 
	G#                Cm   Fm
	Wait around for discovery 
	     C#     C      Fm
	With Merchandising plans
	So take the dive 
	We are Shuck and Jive