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Author/Artist: Superdrag
Title: My Prayer	
Album: Stereo 360 Sound
Transcribed by: Alan Hromas

dmaj7	xx0222
g	xx0033
c	x32010
d	xx0232
em	022000
f	133211
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	dmaj7	g	dmaj7	g
	dmaj7     g
	took some pain
		dmaj7		g
	'cause nothing good is free 
	dmaj7	g
	i love you 
		dmaj7		   g
	and it feels like you love me 
	dmaj7	    g	   dmaj7	g
	you always fit the other half of me 
	dmaj7	g		dmaj7		g
	so be my crutch, be my plane, be my tree 

		c			d
	girl, i miss you when you're gone 

		g			em
	makes no difference for how long 

	so come back soon 

		  f	d	f	d
	i'm in my room 

	took some time 
	nothing good is fast 
	broke the skin 
	if i could i could i'd take that back 
	you always stay, even when i run away 
	you're my sunshine, you're my prayer, not my prey 

	girl, i miss you when you're gone 
	makes no difference for how long 
	so come back soon 
	i'm in my room, room 
	(in my) room 
	where are you?