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Author/Artist: Superdrag
Title: I Find You
Album: ???
Transcribed by: Alan Hromas

Intro: (arpeggiate chords, 6/8 time)

	|D	|G	|D	|A7  *	|
	|/// ///|/// ///|/// ///|/	|

	The * is a pickup:

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Verse:  D      F#m Fm Em         A 
	i find you,   you don't exist

		     D         Bm  Em        A
	but still it seems you do, i can't resist

		       Bm!   Bm!   Bm!                  E7
	because you're here, here, here whenever i feel blue

	      Em           A7 * 
	in my mind, i'm in love with 

	you again you look quite different, 
	but it's you, amen you are the 
	picture of my every wish and what i've never seen
	in my mind, you're in love with me

Chorus: (D - Bm - Em - A progression)
	whoah, i need you, whoah, i need you

End on Dmaj7