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Author/Artist: Superdrag
Title: Gimmie Animosity
Album: In the Valley of Dying Stars
Transcribed by: Alan Hromas

	just the chords for now... email me if you need more
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	E5     G5      D5
	wasn't easy to ignore.

	      E5           G5        D5
	i had never really seen it before.

	E5     G5        D5
	wasn't easy to explain.

		E5            G5             D5
	one good reason to be glad it didn't rain.

	gimme reciprocity.

	     Bb5        G5	
	it's all coming home. 

	gimme animosity.

		Bb5	G5
	with absence of bone.

	from a low trajectory.
	acting alone.
	couldn't he defect to me?
	he's waiting and lonely.