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Author/Artist: Superdrag
Title: Amphetamine
Album: Head Trip In Every Key
Transcribed by: Alan Hromas

Weird chords on this one:

   E  Eaug E6  E7  A  Aaug A6  A7  F#  Bm

Verse:  E                     Eaug
	You're the next local superstar 
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	E6                E7
	Take a bow if you get this far 
	A                   Aaug
	Nothing's real baby make a move
	Some expected groove 
	A7	 F#      Bm
	Prove it to the world 

	(Bm)  		 E
	Now drink and be real 
		    D		C#m  Cm
	This is the last time 
	Bm	   E
	Hard to conceal the 
	flavor of strychnine 
	Bm           C#
	Whenever you steal 
		        F#m          B
	you make it the right line

	You're the next disappointing boom 
	Burning out in the same black room 
	Nothing's real if you read the news
	If you bled the blues
	Prove it to the world 

	Now drink and be real 
	This is the last time 
	Hard to conceal
	the flavor of strychnine 
	Whenever you steal 
	you make it the right line

	|A    Aaug A6	A7   |
	|//// //// //// //// | 
	A                 Aaug
	Rolling with some friends of mine

	A6		 A7
	Her love is an amphetamine