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by Asheton, Osterberg, Asheton and Alexander
arr. by Superdrag
transcribed by A. Hromas

This is a Iggy Pop & the Stooges cover that can be found on the
CD "We Will Fall - The Iggy Pop Tribute"  From my experience,
it is relatively hard to come across.  Therefore, I will
go into more detail analyzing it.  I still recommend finding
the CD or at least the Stooges version to get the timing.
Also, in the liner notes,
vocals are credited to Tom, and bass and backing vocals are
credited to John.  (I've never heard Tom sing, but you can tell
it's not John.) Brandon's on guitar and Don's on drums.
I tabbed the bass because the guitar alone doesn't sound correct,
but i'm pretty sure it is.  also after searching through
superdrag, iggy pop, and stooges pages, i still have no idea
on the lyrics... but i'll try...

It begins with a few seconds of random feedback...
the guitar riff is played alone a couple of times,
then enter bass and drums.
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intro/verse - guitar

intro/verse - fuzz bass

verse 1- the verse riff is played once for each line

outta my mind, i'm
seventy nine
back in '70
broke inside
radio blaring that
number one
beautiful fight back
leave i'm done oh


    C5      D5    Verse Riff (E5)
i'm not too blown away
    C5      D5    E5    D5 C5 D5
i'm not too blown away
            B5 C5 D5
i can't rock
               B5 C5 Verse Riff (E5)
i feel alright

verse- guitar same as first

late december
tears my heart
baby remembers
where's my eye
problem heartbreak
violent cries
save your baby
play with my mind oh

repeat chorus

guitar solo - e minor pentatonic
over verse riff

repeat first verse + chorus