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Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 21:03:23 +1100
From: Jeffrey Cann 
Subject: TAB: s/Sunnnyboys/Alone_With_You.crd

Sunnyboys (Jeremy Oxley) - Alone With You

D----2---|-----2-------2---|    Repeat this bit a few times....
G------2-|-------2-------2-|    Then go into an A

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A      C     D           G             A     C  D  G
We can lock away the bad memories together,
A         C            D    G   A            C  D  G
close the doors to the past forever.
F            G
Watching you touch,
F               G
we're past this much.

    A          C   D     G
I'm alone with you toniiiiight
    A          C   D     G
I'm alone with you toniiiiight
    A          C   D     G
I'm alone with you toniiiiight

I can't always remember what I say,
I can't always take it having to pay
Watching you walk,
You know you're really attractive.


I know it's har-ar-ard when you have tried,
When the conversations terror, you have tied.
Making out you still don't know,
All I have is alcohol so let me go,


I'm alone with you (x4)
I'm alone with you tonight (x3)
I'm alone with you toniiiiiiiight,

(Depending on what version you know, you can crank out a hell solo or
continue singing 'alone with you' and fade out)

The solo bits will come one day...
And hopefully some other songs...

Jeffrey Cann -