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Here Lately Chords

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro : B A B E

E                   B
A thousand miles of railroad track
A       B                     E
Made me think the whole thing through
E                       B
Made up my mind I ain't turnin' back
A                  B              E
I'd rather live in Texas with the blues
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           A               B
Cause here lately time has shown me
E                                     A
All the things that mattered from the start
Here lately I've been gatherin'
E                          A - B
All the broken pieces of a heart
Here lately

Instrumental B A B A B A B E

E                         B
I spend my time here just talkin' to the wall
A          B                E
Provin' to myself that it's ok
E                    A                B
I've got things here I could do but I think
I'll save them for a rainy day

Repeat Chorus x 2

B    A - B        E
Here lately, here lately