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Barely In June Chords

Barely in June

Intro: E A B (2x)

Verse 1: 
         E                      A               B
         Nevermind the sadness, it will end someday

         E                          A               B
         Can we forget all about it, turn and walk away?

         E                      A                         B    
         I don't have the time, but I have to help in someway

         E                                     A                       
         I know that there is something there, I just don't know what 
         to say

Pre Chorus: 
            F#m         A
            Have we not found,

            E                  B
            What we're looking for?

            F#m         A
            Have we not achieved,

            E                  B
            All we're longing for?

        A  B            E
        Alibi, and our "mature sense of humor"
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        A      B     E
        We are left, barely in june

        A   B     E
        Innocent, is that what they call it?

        A           B         E
        Then why do I feel so ashamed?

Verse 2: 
         E                        A              B
         You know I want to smile but you know I won't

         E                        A               B
         You seem to always know, all my do's and dont's

         E                                     A
         All these thoughts caught in my head, don't know what I 

         E                                  A          B
         All that I trust is all my mind is willing to retrieve

Pre Chorus


       B                 A      E                   B
       We can't live our lives, pretending we can't hear

       B            A          E                         B
       It's time to break-out, time to face our greatest fears

Chorus 2x