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Midsummer Classic Chords

this post got me started, 
Big thanks to those guys

I don't think the names of the chords are very accurate and are just meant to 
serve as a unique id to reference them by.

Capo @ 5
Chords Relative to Capo

  D add9(D9)                Dsus4 (D4)              Eb
  e---|---|-0-|---|---|     ---|-2-|---|---|---|    ---|---|-0-|---|---|     
  B---|---|-3-|---|---|     ---|---|-3-|---|---|    ---|---|-3-|---|---|
  G---|---|-0-|---|---|     ---|---|---|---|---|    ---|---|-0-|---|---|
  D---|---|-0-|---|---|     ---|---|---|---|---|    ---|-1-|---|---|---|
  A---|---|---|---|---|     ---|---|---|---|---|    ---|---|---|---|---|
  E---|---|---|---|---|     ---|---|---|---|---     ---|---|---|---|---|

  Bm			    Am			      G
  e---|-1-|---|---|---|     ---|---|---|---|---|    ---|---|-3-|---|---|     
  B---|---|-2-|---|---|     ---|-2-|---|---|---|    ---|---|---|---|---|
  G---|---|---|-3-|---|     ---|-2-|---|---|---|    ---|---|---|---|---|
  D---|---|---|-0-|---|     ---|-2-|---|---|---|    ---|---|---|---|---|
  A---|---|---|---|---|     ---|---|---|---|---|    ---|-1-|---|---|---|
  E---|---|---|---|---|     ---|---|---|---|---|    ---|---|-2-|---|---|

Play it along with the song to get the strumming or just play the chords (cd 
version, live will probably have a different order/more repeats)

I can't tell you how accurate this is but it sounds pretty close to me

Intro 2x
D9 D4 D9 Eb Bm

D9     Eb          Bm
I cut corners on the carpets now.
D9      Eb              Bm
I danced quarters on the windowsill.
D9	       Eb               Bm
The summer left me to a different fate.
D9           Eb                Bm               Eb
This drastic urge will take some time to find its weight.

D9 D4 D9
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D9    Eb           Bm           Eb
I run head on into traffic in the afternoon.
D9          Eb            Bm              Eb
I log the longest miles alone at night inside my room.
D9            Eb                 Eb
Where all directions lead right back to me;
D9         Eb               Bm
all my ambitions swim like driftwood through
my dark sea of sleep.

D9 D4 D9

D9             Eb   Bm            D9        Eb   Bm
And it'll take some time, Yeah it will take some time
         D9  Eb   Bm
but the dawn will come,
         D9   Eb   Bm
yeah the tide will rise.

Intro 2

D9          Eb              Bm                  
Her eyes swelled up in the bars of soft lights. 
D9          Eb                   Bm                     Eb
I drank and watched her laugh and then we sang out loud in the dying streets
D9         Eb               Bm           Eb
And I was so drunk my heart floated like a feather in the breeze.
D9       Eb                Bm                    Eb
I got so high off all the blinking lights, the colors painted in the night.

D9 D4 D9

Bm        Am                  G             E
Midsummer Classic blue and gold- Our City casts it's shadow.
Bm          Am                G                   E
The kettle boil heads for a roll. Sundowning's never getting old.
Bm         Am                G                      E
And underneath this crooked moon I can smell the night begin to bloom,
Bm            Am                G           E
the northern wind will change again and my geography will bend 
Bm        Am              G             E   
back and forth across the map until I reach the end.
Bm        Am              G             E
back and forth across the map until I reach the end.
Bm              Am   G     Bm              Am   G
And it'll take some time, And it'll take some time
Bm           Am   G
But the dawn will come-
Bm            Am    G
yeah the tide will rise.