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The Light Chords

Artist: Sun Kil Moon
Song: The Light
Album: April
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Drop D Tuning: DADGBe

Chords Used
A5: 777---
D:  0777--
D5: 000---
Em: 222---
G5: 333---

Intro Riff w/ chords:
   D               G5
G|----------7--------------------| ,repeat x4, then verse...

Verse 1 chords: (play into riff along with chords if desired)
    G5              D              G5        D      G5 D  G5
Her eyes could have only been born   of this ocean
       G5                D          G5         D        G5     D G5 D G5
 Delph blue, longing and weepy they want me so much to want you
    G5         D                      G5  D            G5     D G5 D
All wrapped up beside you and winded,    After you've taken me
   G5             D             G5           D         G5     D G5 D G5
My mind's roaming free, dozing dazy drifting out this evening

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Chorus 1 Chords:
G5        A5       F#5      D5   [D G5 D G5] w/ intro riff      
   With a verse so sweetly sung
G5        A5          F#5        D5   [D G5 D G5] w/ intro riff      
   Into a world we've longed to come
G5 F#5          Em     D5      G5   [D G5 D G5] w/ intro riff      
        But somehow we are not one

Verse 2: (use verse 1 chords)
And all her lavender meadows so fragrant and beautiful
And at your dining room table the sun falls on my face so warm
And all the turbulent highways I've taken to get here
To you in this home, in this moment, for that I am grateful

Chorus 2: (use chorus 1 chords)
Though this house feels like an old lost song
That calls for me to play along
Somehow I don't belong

Bridge Chords:
A5                  G5                 [D G5 D G5] w/ intro riff      
   The night lit by moon, the day sun
A5               G5                 [D G5 D G5] w/ intro riff      
   Ooh baby I'm wondering how come?
G5 F#5      Em       D5     G5   [D G5 D G5] w/ intro riff      
       The light is nearly gone

Solo interlude: [D G5] x23 w/ intro riff

Verse 3: (use verse 1 chords)
Her soul could have only been born of a wild oak
So far reaching and swaying and free but stands stoically alone
When the skies come apart she leans over so helpless and cowering
Until the storms come to cease and somehow she's the only one standing

Chorus 3: (use chorus 1 chords)
And though we've grown so close my love
And though these nights we've spent so many of
A part of me is numb

Bridge Chords:
Her eyes look up to me, so open and true
Our window's in perfect clear view
But somehow I can't see through

Outro: [D G5] x4 w/ intro riff