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Slipping Away Chords

Everyone thinks this song is in tab form, but it is  really chords. Now this sounds
right when I play along with the song, so I think it is 100% correct or at least 99%.

Tune Down

Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

Listen for strum patterns and when to change.

(The first 2-3 measures are barely heard, so come in very softly)
(The second Em-G change are in the same measure...Listen for it)


    D                  A               Em  G
I'm slip - ping        a-way                  

    D    A            G                Em  G
in ev    -    ry  way
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  D               A               G    Em  Gm
I can't          stay         awake

    D            A            G        Em  Gm
I'm slip    -   ping    a-way


    Em        G5     
I'm trying to make it through each day

    D                     A
I'm falling apart now in every way

     Em               G5
I'm finding it harder to get by

          D                      A
There's a hole in my heart and I don't know whay

         Em               G5
Now I've come to realize

    D5                   A                 G5
I'm slip      -     ping            a - way


Em-G5-D-A x2

End with Em-G

Hope you found this helpfull! Enjoy this easy song ;)