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Japanese Girls Chords

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Date: Sun, 3 Mar 1996 05:08:55 +0000 (GMT)
From: Andrew Mercer 

The Sultans of Ping FC.

Japanese Girls. (From the CD single U Talk 2 Much).

When playing live Pat seems to play these open but i think they sound 
better if you shift between the A and E shaped bar chords as required.

INTRO - F# G G F# G G F# G F# G G G (X2)
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G                             D
I Looked up your number in my address pad
C                            G
It was under 's' because you make me sad
G      D                      
    C                                G
I remember what you sound like and I changed my mind cos
G               A           
I like Japanese girls
C                   B        G 
cool,cool,cool,cool Japanese girls
G               A     
I like japanese girls 
B  C  B  C   C
saiko!Saiko! japanese girls
G                       D
Maki and mariko live in Edgware Road
C                                   G
They travelled in an Aeroplane from Tokyo
G                      D
Little Kaori come from Osaka town
C                                    G                           
They make you feel happy when you're feeling down

G               A     C                   B        G
I like japanese girls Cool,Cool,Cool,Cool Japanese girls
G               A     B  G   B  G   C
I like japanese girls Saiko! Saiko! Japanese girls
Lalalala/lala/japanese girls. 
G                   D 
Michie & Atsuko & Naoko too
C                          G
Groovy shonen knife on the stereo
G                               D
Sultans Christmas party back in Tokyo
C                              G
It's going to be crazy,I can't wait to go
G               A     C                   B         G
I like japanese girls cool,cool,cool,cool,Japansese girls
G               A     B  G   B  G   C
I like japanese girls Saiko! Saiko! Japanese girls
And I know we're far away from home
Sometimes you and I feel so alone
But we ahve fun in pubs and discotheques
B                     D    C   G
And I really like you Japanese girls
lalalala/lala/japanese girls.

I think that's pretty much it...Thanx to megumi for the lyrics.

Andrew Mercer. (I turned my back on the communist I'm 
singing Rock and Pop)