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Too Much Chords

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Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 07:32:56 -0600 (CST)
From: Samuel Fletcher IV Barker 

song:too much
artists:suicide machines
albums:destruction by definition, and skank for brains
tabbed by:samuel barker

here's the correct version of too much that appears on dbd and skank for
brains. enjoy.

intro: Eb  Bb  Ab  Bb

verse 1:
Eb       Bb    Ab             Bb
when the extra weight hits my brain
  Eb        Bb  Ab    Bb
i feel like i'm going insane
       Eb       Bb      Ab          Bb
that's when the hand of god cuts my cord
       Eb     Bb   Ab           Bb
that's when i feel like jah the lord
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chorus 1:
   F#               Ab            Db
my heart is pumping blood into my head
      F#               Ab                 Db
and i feel just like a thousand pounds of lead
    F#               Ab            Db
the right half of my body has gone numb
      F#                 Ab
and i think it's too much, too much
  F#                 Ab      Db   
i think it's too much oh, for me

repeat intro

verse 2:
when the monster inside my head 
is telling me that i'm better off dead
that's when my mind is turned upside down
that's when i wish you weren't around

chorus 2:
my head is telling me that it's not right
and your face is such an unfamiliar sight
when i'm flying as high as a fucking kite
i think it's too much, too much
a little too much, too much!
i think it's too much oh, for me

ska bridge:
Bbs         Abs           Ebs
take anther drag kill the pain 
        Bbs         Abs               Ebs
of your meaningless existence inm this godforsaken place
where everyone's a sellout but they're also fuckin' burnt out 
thought it would be the best way to enhanse your state of mind
see i went home and turned on my tv cause i had the time
i look at all this bullshit, the mugging and the crime
war, death, disease, famine, what's it all worth
i started to lose it by the time i started losin' my mind
so i got to jah i to the j got the spliff got in his way
in the same frame of mind
got the same frame of mind
Bbs      Abs    
pickitup pickitup (3or4x)

repeat intro

repeat verse 1

repeat chorus 1

end on Eb

chords used:
    Eb  Bb  Ab  F#  Db Abs Bbs Ebs