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Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 12:09:27 -0600 (CST)
From: Samuel Fletcher IV Barker 
Subject: sos by suicide machines 

artist:suicide machines
album:destruction by definition
tabbed by:samuel barker

intro: A  C  F  G  D

verse 1:
A                     C            G
i take a look around, i don't like what i see
A                     C                G
a bunch of people who don't shit about unity
(same chords)
i see right through you skin you say you see through mine
so please explain to me why we fight all the time 

bridge 1:
D                  A     
i can't take it anymore this is bothering me
D                             Eii
got people killing each other why does it have to be?

verse 2:
i wish i knew, i really wish i knew
why people can't see there's no real difference between me and you
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Fii                Eii        Fii                      Eii
it's a bomb with a short fuse and i know it seems like no use
Fii                     Eii      Fii               Eii
the tensions building a reaction this is a call to action

  A         C    G A           C   G A           C   G A           C   G 
SOS we need help   SOS we need help  SOS we need help  SOS we need help!

verse 3:
man's inhumanity towards another man
is man's insanity and ignorance again
and now the time has come to stop what's goin' on
the hatred's builing up exploding like a bomb

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

solo:(sorta, i thinks it's pretty accurate)

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

end on A

chords used:
    F   G   A   C  Eii  Fii