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Insecurities Tab

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Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 14:33:34 -0600 (CST)
From: Samuel Fletcher IV Barker 
Subject: insecurities tab correction

artists:suicide machines
album:destruction by definition
tabbed by:samuel barker

here's an insecurities tab
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intro: A  Eii  D  Db  B

verse 1:
A    D       F#       G
held back by walls of insecurity
     A            D
that i just could never see
     F#             G
held people at arms length
(same chords)
devoid of all human contact
cannot express emotion
i try with all my strength
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Db          F#
what is the matter with me
it seems no one cares
    A             Eii
i'm blinded by my innocence
Db          F#
will no one be there for me
D                      A  A  A  Eii  Eii
when i don't understand
i need a guiding hand

verse 2:
covered in blankets of immagination
where i can talk to people without a second thought
what if they're laughing at me
i know i'm not good enough so i won't even try

repeat chorus

repeat intro

repeat chorus (w/out lyrics)

bass solo

ska break:
As                             Ds
everything's gonna be okay and i know
but it just seem that way...
As                      Ds        Es
right around the corner there may be someone who cares...
As                            Ds    Es        
everything's gonna be alright and i know, but i wish it was tonight
Es                                  Ds   Es
maybe i would sleep better at night if i knew someone cared

A  A  Eii Eii D