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I Saw Your Mommy Bass Tab

    From: (unknown)
    Subject: Suicidal Tendencies tab submission
    Date: Sun, 22 Dec
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    Suicidal Tendencies
    "I Saw Your Mommy"
    off of "Suicidal Tendencies"
    Bass Intro:
    G |--------------|-----------|-----------------|--------------------|
    D |--------------|-----------|-----------------|--------------------|
    A |--5-5---------|-7-7-----5-|-7-7-------------|-9-9-------------7--|
    E |------0-3-3-0-|-----0-5---|-----0-0-5-5-0-0-|-----0-7-777-10-----|
    Generic Bass Line (it's just the chord progression)
    G |--------------|-------|-------------|-----------|
    D |--------------|-------|-------------|-----------|
    A |--7-7---------|-------|-7-7---------|-9-9-------|
    E |------0-5-5-0-|-2-2-7-|-----0-5-5-0-|-----0-7---|
    Actually, there's plenty going on in the bass line but it's buried in the
    mix (as usual) and I can't figure it out.