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Hate Every Beautiful Day Chords

"Hate Every Beautiful Day"

Tabbed by: The Gummi King
Note:  This isn't exactly correct.  I took the tabs for the power chords and made them
into basic acoustic chords.  Sounds fine when I play it, so try it out.  The "every
beautiful day" part is still a bit if you have a correction e-mail me at

I play it on Capo 3, but to play the notes from the tabs, it should be on Capo 4.

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E                 C         G
Something's gotta change again
        A             E           C    G     A
I'm losing, my inspirations gone, oh no oh no
E                   C          G
Seeing through some different eyes
        A             E             C   G     A    
I can't find, my medications failed, again again

E            C
I can feel a change
       G             A
I can feel, can you feel it
E              C              G              A
See it on the street watching heat from the pavement

       E    C     G       A       E    C
Cause I'm here, ready to take it all here
 G            A       E   C
Everything's feeling unclear
   G          A
I wish it was raining
         G          A         E
Cause I hate every beautiful day