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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 19:27:23 -0400
Subject: hit/sugarcubes
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This is quite a simple song that will only be downloaded by people who just
never bothered to figure it out.  It's by the wonderful band called the
sugarcubes (sykurmolar- is what they call themselves).
It's the second song off their third album-stick around...  and it's called

It opens w/ a guitar on wah/clean/and various other effects playing an E
minor chord.  After the keyboard kicks in it shifts to a D minor chord on the
5th frett.  It strum is sorta ska-ish, but to ska fans it might not be
considered like that, but just listen to the tape, you'll figure it out.

Dm     /      /      /      /      /     /...
this wasn't supposed to happen, I was happy by myself...

Bflat                         F                                       Bflat
I lie in my bed totally still-my eyes wide open-I'm in rapture...

that's really all the parts, any questions mail me.  Basically simple.

                                   Eg ast Bjork!!