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The Slim Chords

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The Slim - Sugar (Mould)
tuning: (low to high) E A E A A E
(tune 2nd string B down to A, 3rd string G up to the same A, 4th string D
up to E.  Be careful of high tension if you use heavier gauge strings,
acoustic, etc)
Alternate tuning: E A D G A E (this requires less  retuning, but the
chords are harder, and the solo is harder to get right.  this could also
be played in standard tuning with power chords, but I think the droning
high E and A are important to the sound (your mileage may vary))

Chord Shapes (I figured these out, so they might not be right)
(I know they're not major chords, but for convenience I just named each
chord by its root)

        EAEAAE                    EADGAE
A       x00000                  A x02200
B       x22200                  B x24400
C       x33300                  C x35500
D       x55500                  D x57700
E       020000                  E 022200
F       131000                  F 133200
G       353000 or 355000        G 355000
F#      244000                  F#244x00
Bb      688000                  Bb688x00
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Intro: A C B G  A C B D
       "            "
Verses 1 & 2: A C B G  A C B  x 2
              F E F E F E C D   <- "I'm left behind" part
Verse 3: A C B G  A C B G       <- "I with your breath" part
         "            "
         G F G F    <- "I'm left behind" part
Solo: F# Bb F G D
Verse 4: A C B G  A C B G   <- "I with your breath" part
         "            "
Verse 5: A C B G  A C B G   <- "I heard your voice" part
         "            " D
Verse 6: A C B G  A C B     <- "Now I swim alone" part
         "            " D
Verse 7: A C B G  A C B     <- Honor, obey etc part
         "            "
End: A C B G  A C B D A

Tab for Solo
E |-------------|-------------|-------------|---------------0------------|
A |-------------|-------------|-------------|---------------0------------|
A |-------0-----|--------0----|-------0-----|-------0-------5------------|
E |-----4---4---|------8---8--|-----3---3---|-----3---3-----5------------|
A |---4-------4-|----8------8-|---3-------3-|---5-------5---5------------|
E |-2-----------|--6----------|-1-----------|-3--------------------------|
repeat each section in bars twice (listen to the song for reference)