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Panama City Motel Chords

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          Panama City Hotel -- SUGAR
          from File Under Easy Listening
	   Transcribed by Graham Takata

To acheive Bob Mould's sound play this song with layered acoustic and
electric guitars.  Also, take a look at the barre chords and note which
ones have the B and e strings open.

Chords:          A    B    F    G    E    C    F#

      D----------7----9----3----5----2--- 10---4----|
      A----------7----9----3----5----2--- 10---4----|

Intro:  A  B  A  B
        A  B  A  B

A             B         A            B
Don't you know I need a place to stay
A           B        A   B
Only fifteen bucks a day
I didn't want to end up here
But now I guess I need to stay

A     B
A     B
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(second verse, same as the first!)

River red, runs like lead
And the smell of kerosene in my head
Stuck here in this shithole
Reading foreign magazines instead

A        B
A        A

"But senor, I only have ten dollars;
Can't you spare me a room for the night?"
   A           G            E
We argue about currency and then
He says I can stay for the night

        E      G    C     A
In this Panama City Motel
G F# E          G         C
I am out on the freeway again

A     B
A     B
A     B
A     B

(third verse)
A woman approaches in Barcelona
Walking down the Diagonalia
Spaghetti concrete overpasses
I keep grasping for something familiar


Repeat 2nd part of Chorus again
then follow the "A    B" rhythm while singing ad lib
"Oh No... Don't you know I need a place to stay"
the song finishes on a sustained A

Comments?  Gladly!!!

    |   D                                                            L   |
    |   I     \O       And on the Eighth Day, God said:        O/    I   |
    |   S      |>            "Let there be Disco"             <|     V   |
    |   C     < \       and then everything got FuNkY         / >    E   |
    |   O               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                S   |
    +--=--=--=--=---| Graham Takata |---=--=--=--=--+