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 Artist:  Sugar
 Title:  Hoover Dam
 	B	        A           E
 	Standing on the edge of the Hoover Dam,
 	F#	    E          F#
 	I'm on the centreline, caught between two states of mind,
 	    B	    A            G              F#      E
 	and if the wind from the traffic should blow me away..
 	F#m	      E	        C#m          B
 	and from this altitude, it will come back to you,
 	Abm           F#m      E
 	and don't you know the time,
 	F#m            E          C#m         B
 	and all that's left of me is xxxxxx  insanity
 	(I can't work outthe last line here )
 	Then into the next verse the same as above....
 	like so:
 	B	    A            E
 	If the Mississipi should wash me away etc
 	F#	   E		F# 
 	down to new orleans, and maybe someday in my dreams...

 	At the end there is a slighly different chord pattern.
 	B               C#m          E
 	Standing on the edge of the Hoover Dam
 	  B    C#m  E         F#m 
 	I am I am I am ......I am.     (repeat)