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Explode and Make Up - Sugar (Mould)
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Chords (for most of these, keep your pinky finger on the 1st string, and 
your ring finger on the 2nd, both at the 3rd fret. this gets the 
wonderful Bob droning sound going :-) If you don't like that, just play 
regular Em, G, C, A and F)

Em7    022033
G      320033
Cadd9  x32033
D      xx0232
A7sus2 x02233
F6sus2 133233 or just x33033

Verse 1: Em7 G Cadd9 x 4
Chorus : D Em7 Cadd9 x 3
         D Cadd9 Em7
Verse 2: Em7 G Cadd9 x 2
         A7sus4 G F6sus2 Cadd9
         Em7 G Cadd9 
Solo:  chords are just like Verse 2 then Chorus (no tab, sorry) 
Verse 3: like verse 2
Chorus & end: play regular chorus, then play Cadd9 D Em7 under 
"put it, put it, put it" then play another chorus progression to the end