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Wrong Way Chords

Tabbed by: Stephen Grantham
if i got something wrong give me a e-mail
Tuning: normal
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E5                          D
annies 12 years old in two months she'll be a whore
E                            D
nobody ever told her its the wrong way\
E                          D
dont be afraid with the quickness youll get laid
    E5                           D5           A5                   G5 
for your family get paid its the wrong way i gave her all that i had to give
A5             G5                     A5                G5
im gonna make it hard to live big salty tears rollin down her chin
   A5                         C           F#                   E
and it ruins up the makeup she never wanted a ciggarette pressed between her lips
   F#                           E
but im starin at her tits its the wrong way
F#                    E                 F#                          E
strong if i can but i am only a man so i take her to the can its the wrong way
B5                    A5
the only family that shes ever had
    B5                         A5
is her seven horny brothers and her drunk ass dad
B5                  A5
he needed money so he put her on the street
    B5                                 D5
everything was going fine until the day she met me
 after that its just