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Foolish Fool Chords

this is foolish fool off the album "bradley Nowell and Friends" i am quite positive this tab is correct

A          577655
C#m   446654
Cm     335543
Bm     224432
E         779997
D        557775
F#m   244222

that is all the chords you need
 now for the riffs

riff 1 is: ------------------------     riff 2 is: ------------------------
              ------------------------                   ------------------------
              ------------------------                   ------------------------
              ------------------------                   ------------------------ 
              ------------------------                   ------0-2-0-----------
              ---0--5-5-8-7-------                   -0-2---------2-0-2---

          A              (riff 1)        C#m           C#m Cm Bm
Crazy Crazy                       Crazy Fool                          Crazy Fool

 A                                                 E                                                          D
If you think that  hes   gonna take you from me  hes gotta be a Crazy Crazy
[ Tab from: ]
C#m             C#m Cm Bm                                  A
Crazy Fool                               Craaaaaaaazy Fool

(Am progression to F#m)     F#m                                             (riff 2)
                                               My love for you is oh so strong

F#m                                                  (riff 2) F#m                                         (riff 2)
We been together for oh so long          When i look away in misery yeah

(progression from F#-E) E
But thats the way loves supposed to be.  supposed to be now

A                                C#m             C#m Cm Bm                                E
Foolish Foolish    Foolish Fool                           oh your just a     Follish Girl

repeat the line above except with a lingy dingy that goes like this at the end instead of E

--------------2-4-2----      repeat a couple times

this is right  listen to the cd for the rythem.

RIP Bradley