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Luv Fux U Upp Tab

Date: 8.5.00
From: Crazyjoedevola
Subject: Chords: \"Luv *** U Upp\" by Styngerr

Song: \"Luv *** U Upp\"
Written by: Brent Stygnerr and Steven Styngerr
Album: Styng Like a Bee
Track: 1
Transcribed by: Crazyjoe

The definitive Styngerr hair/monster ballad song from their 1986 classic, Styng Like a Bee.
The song reached 2,344 on the Billboard Charts, and has been covered 4 times.
Only uses four chords throughout the song, and on the \"rant\" part, I only
play the G chord.  Ok, hope you enjoy...

Intro: G

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G                  D             Am
She was the pretty flower in the field
G               D                Am      C
She gave me the power I couldn\'t yield
Whatever the weather
G         D                   Am
For her I spread the sea like Moses
G                D               Am        C
I\'m really truly deeply glad she chose us
To be together
G           D               Am
But now she won\'t return my calls!
G            D                     Am       C
I was atop a mountain but now I\'ve fallen!
Why\'d you leave me darlin?


G          D        Am
Cause love f**** you up
G    D         Am
Love f**** you down
G                  D               Am      C
Love\'ll stick it\'s big d*** in your ear
And squish it all around


He was the tree who swore he\'d never split
He charmed you with his handsome looks and wit
With you now he will stay
He had the deepest brightest bluest eyes
You could look into them all day and just sigh
From you he will not stray
But he wasn\'t faithful!  He would not be true
There\'s a hole in my heart and it\'s burning you!


(Say anything you want about relationships)


Chorus (Sing-a-long)