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Stones Throw Away Chords
22nd February 2001, 11.11am


Written by Paul Weller

From the LP 'Our Favourite Shop' (Polydor, 1985)

Chords used:

Em:    022000    Am:     x02210
D:     xx0232    Fmaj7:  xx3210 
G:     320033    D7sus4: xx0213
Cmaj7: x32000    C6:     x32210
C:     x32010

Em D G Cmaj7

Em Cmaj7 C D

Em                 D
 For liberty there is a cost;
Cmaj7                   Em
 It's broken skulls and leather cosh
Em                D              
 From the boys in uniform.
Cmaj7               Em
 Now you know whose side they're on,
     Am          Em
With backing and blessing
     Am                Em
From earthly gods, not Heaven.
  Cmaj7          D         Cmaj7
A Stone's Throw Away to it all.

Em Cmaj7 Em
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Em                 D
 Whatever pleasure those who get
Cmaj7                     Em
 From stripping skin with rhino whip
Em                 D
 Are the kind that must be stopped
Cmaj7                   Em
 Before their kind take all we've got.
     Am           Em
With loving, with caring, 
     Am                  Em
They take great pride in working.
    Cmaj7          D         Cmaj7  Fmaj7
The Stone's Throw Away to it all.

Em    Am  Cmaj7  Fmaj7  D7sus4

Em             D
 Wherever honesty persists
Cmaj7                    Em
 You'll hear the snap of broken ribs
Em                 D
 Of any one who'll take no more
Cmaj7         Em
 Of the lying bastards roar.
   Am        Em
In Chile, in Poland,
  Am                Em
Johannesburg, South Yorkshire.
  Cmaj7          D              Cmaj7   C6
A Stone's Throw Away; Now we're there.