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Luck Chords
February 22nd 2001, 11.33am


Written by Paul Weller and Mick Talbot

From the LP 'Our Favourite Shop' (Polydor, 1985)

Chords used:

Bbmaj7:  687766    Fm7:   x-8-10-8-9-8
Ebmaj7:  x68786    Dm7:   x57565
Eb/F:    x8666x    Gm7:   3x3333
Dbmaj7:  x46564    Ab/Bb: 6x6544
Cm7:     x35343    Eb:    x6888x

Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7 Bbmaj7 Eb/F (x2)

Bbmaj7           Ebmaj7
Luck fell in the right place for me
    Bbmaj7           Eb/F
The day you happened to come by.
    Bbmaj7            Ebmaj7
You caught me feeling all was useless,
    Bbmaj7          Eb/F
And left me feeling ten feet high.

Dbmaj7                              Cm7
 Now nothing again can be quite the same.
Dbmaj7                               Fm7  Eb/F
 You gather my fears, and threw them away.

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Luck dropped in, just at the right time;
The time when I felt most alone.
All my dreams had seemed to vanish.
Now my nightmares have upped and gone.

I'm not scared of farewells.  Nothing's the same twice.
I stride through the day, and float through the night.

Ebmaj7   Dm7          Gm7     Ab/Bb
How much choice do we have in this?
Ebmaj7      Dmaj7        Gm7                     Ab/Bb
Like some almighty hand, smashing your life into pieces,
Cm7             Dm7
 One day you're washed and drowned
        Ebmaj7              Eb/F
And the next day you're put back on the land.

Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7 Bbmaj7 Eb/F (x2)

Now nothing again can be quite the same.
I gather my fears and I throw them away.

Bbmaj7         Ebmaj7
Luck, when you hold me closely.
Bbmaj7          Eb
Ooh, feels like summertime.
Bbmaj7         Ebmaj7
Luck, when you hold my hand.
Bbmaj7    Eb/F
I want it all the time.

Luck, in your country kisses.
Ooh, I love your outlook.
Luck, in your hills and valleys.
Go on talking, my babbling brook.