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It Just Came To Pieces In My Hands Chords

Song : It Just Came to Pieces in my Hands
Artist: The Style Council

Tabbed by: Revlin    08-2-12

Pretty simple but none-the-less great tune, can't believe there wasn't a tab for it yet.

Chords Used:

    Bb      Cm      D#      Dm      Fmaj


Bb   Cm   D#   Dm   Cm

Bb   Cm   D#   Fmaj

  Bb                 Cm
I stood as tall as a mountain,

        D#                       Dm Cm
I never really thought about the drop...

  Bb                 Cm
I trod over rocks to get there,

        D#               Fmaj
Just so I could stand on top.

Bb                 Cm
Clumsy and blind I stumbled,

     D#                     Dm Cm
As I crawled through desert sands...
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  Bb                             Cm                 D#      Dm          Bb
I didn't stop to think about the consequences as it came to pieces in my hands...

Bb   Cm   D#  Dm  Cm
Bb   Cm   D#   Fmaj
(Played over the "Do do do" vocals)

(And that repeats for the rest of the song!)

I thought I was a maritime marvel,
I believed that I ruled the waves.
All I could say is time is motion,
And every effort others made I would save...
I was a shit stained statue,
School children would stand in awe...
Truly believed I was a ceiling of sky,
Never thought about having flaws. 

I felt as reverent as Jesus, 
The sanctimony stunk... 
I thought I was admiral of the missing fleet, 
I couldn't see that I was sunk.

I roared my pride in the darkness, 
I scratched away at the stars...
I thought I was lord of this crappy jungle, 
I should have been put behind bars...

But now I sit with my head in my hands,
And wail to the weeping wall.
The avalanche of my emotions,
Holds the audience of one enthralled...

Like learning the lesson the hard way,
Like a fall from command...
I thought I as king of the whole wide world...
But it just came to pieces in my hands...

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